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Friday, May 30, 2008

The G-Crew ,The Elements Family & The Crosstime Pub

Photo:Wed Night at Fibber Magees, Dublin3

How do you thank over a hundred people for being wonderful? With a blog post! *laughs* When I first started Elements Family two years ago, I had know idea how much it would grow. Since then, I've grown to depend on The Fam for smiles , jokes and moral support. You have stuck by me through it all and I thank you with all my heart.

A couple of months ago I started the G-Crew group for updates on my DJ events. Ha! I didn't really start it...The G-Crew was a group already formed and connected by friendship. All I did was name it. They have quickly become not only my good friends, but an integral part of the Elements Family. Just seeing everyone at a gig with their G-Crew tags on, gives me a feeling of home wherever I'm playing. I can always count on AC, Dave, or Min to make me laugh just before I go up on the mic! It never fails! *laughs* (I'm sure they know and do it on purpose.)If someone doesn't show up at a set, we miss them (and track them down, like we did with Star!! I'm very glad that the Family has welcomed the Crew so completely. Thanks Ali (my sis in all but blood), Johnnie, Mondo, Ash, Sel, Buttons, Nu, Jean, Baer, JP and all of you!

When the time came to rebuild my sim, I decided to build the Family / Crew, a pub to call home. That's how The Crosstime Pub was born. ( I owe that name to Minerva Breda. Thanks, Min! ) The Crosstime Pub will play host to a variety of Live performers and will include many different musical genres. The main theme will be comfort, fun and friendship. The build is almost done. I hope to have it completed in 2 days.

Thank you Con, StarZ, Min, Taro, BB, Ken, Yank, Ota -the awesome staff of The Crosstime Pub!
A special thank you to Yankee Lockjaw(G-Crew Mgr & Pub Mgr), Minerva Breda and Tarogue Albatros, the G-Crew officers for keeping things running!
Thank you, Family! Thank you, Crew! All I ask, is that you keep dancing!
I love you guys!