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Friday, December 2, 2011

Aria....The Collection

Introducing Aria. A richly appointed graceful collection with hand painted textures in deep luscious colors to add sparkle and elegance to your holiday plans. Whether you are attending a gallery event, a holiday gala, a club or spending a quiet evening with Mr. Hot...GCD has you covered. (Or uncovered...depending on what you choose! lol)...Wouldn't it be lovely to dance the evening away a midst alluring ambiance, a soft rustle of tulle and a secret... knowing that you are wearing sultry lingerie for later?

And the jewelry....? The Aria Necklace and Earrings ....golden leaves and shimmering copper blossoms strung with painted cloisonne. The perfect adornment.

This collection features:

Brocade Bustier
Lace and Brocade Panties & Satin Garters
Black Silk Stockings with Floral Accents
Brocade Mini Dress
Mid Length Black Tulle and Brocade Dress
Full Length Black Tulle and Brocade Gown
Satin Gloves with Sculpted Cuffs
Exclusive Aria Necklace and Earrings

GCD - For the's all in the details.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Licorice is a glossy,yummy,ssssslippery ssssslide of latex overalls, with an almost sheer bandeau top and silver clasp and shorty fingerless latex and fishnet gloves. So form fitting it looks poured on. ...And maybe it was. ;)

WARNING: Licorice is not for the meek. Don't ask where you should wear it....Just wear it and strut!. Fire Extinguisher not included.

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs on Elements in Design and on the Second Life Marketplace

Special thanks to Ravie for naming this one!

Pictured in Licorice Photo:
Hair : Lelutka "Jolie"
Boots: Bax Coen Designs "Black Leather Ankle Boot"
Hat : GCD Cowboy / girl Hat "Charcoal"
Tattoo: GCD Red red Divine, & Cheek Cleavage with Rose Tattoo

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bite Me!

No...I'm not trying to insult you. Bite Me! is a mini dress with attitude. This is not a dolly dress meant to smile and cute its way through a night. This dress struts. If you want bland...if you want cute...if you want safe...look elsewhere. Bite Me! is anything but safe....And when you wear it....nothing and no one in your path is safe either!

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs on Elements in Design and on the Second Life Marketplace.


Cat....A juicy, sleek addition to your wardrobe. Its liquid lines hug and enhance your curves in the most decadent ways. Yes,it's a Cat Suit...but it isn't just a cat       suit. It's a seduction, with you as its catalyst.

Pumpkin Ssssspicce

I decided to design lingerie that echoed how I felt about autumn. It had to include the warmth of a hearth-side on a brisk evening and the spice of a cup of slowly mulled wine....That delicious feeling as that warmth spreads to tingling nerve endings. And so I created Pumpkin Spice. Fall never tasted so good.

At GCD...we specialize in heavy breathing.

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs and on the Second Life Marketplace

Bra and Panties in All Layers 
Lace Stockings with Sculpted Bows 
Black Satin Panty Bows (they are modifiable...don't leave the bows buried in your hips, ladies!)
Soft Black Feather Boa 
Black Pearl Bra Accent

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hi, my name is Gwen Carillon and I'm happy. *ducks and hides*

It's ok to be happy. It really is. No angry god will smote you from above, because you feel especially good. The universe will not target you for having too much fun. There is no reason for guilt. That's the main thrust of this post. It isn't wrong to be happy....damn it!

We feel safe when we are miserable. Don't we? After all, we can't be pointed at and punished for being sad.  Happy, on the other hand, is not so acceptable. People don't know what to do with "happy". There's no consolation. They may even be reminded that they aren't feeling great at that moment. (Leave her alone...the poor thing had a bad day. Oh....She's happy? Well then, have at it!) We can actually feel guilty for feeling really good. It's as if we're convinced that we don't deserve happiness. We may even fear things going terribly wrong if our lives are too good. (Jinx!) Of course we deserve to be happy! This guilt thing we all snack on and feed to others, is just plain stupid! What's the bottom line? Things play out in our lives. Sometimes it works out really well and sometimes things get majorly borked. All the more reason to appreciate and enjoy happiness when we feel it. Revel in life's joys and the happiness of others. Waste not, want not.

Just some thoughts to crunch on. ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wild Heart

Introducing the Wild Heart Collection! Jewelry that's as versatile as you are! It's very boho, very chic and very smexy!

More choices, more options...just MORE! LOL

There are times we struggle to get the right look with accessories.  Let's say you are in a soft flowing skirt and tank, and you want to wear jewelry to complete the look. You hunt through your inventory only to find either shiny, fancy jewelry that's too busy with the outfit find great casual jewelry that misses the mark on length for your neckline! LOL Been there. That's why I created Wild Heart.  The Wild Heart Collection is casual. dressy, long, short, simple, complex and completely sexy and fun! Go a lot wild... ;)

Collection Includes:

4 necklace versions
2beaded bracelets
2beaded anklets
1belly ring
beaded hoop earrings

Vest:: GCD G Jeans Messy paint set sold separately.
Skirt: GCD Urban Gypsy
Hair: Truth "Pia"
This set is sold as transfer only. I have included simple and deletable re-sizing scripts and instructions to get the perfect fit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It was an Itsy Bitsy ...

 ..Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini....and it still is.  I hit the surf with this one in Second Life. Unlike my experiences with "rl"waves and swimsuits,  in Second Life, my kini stayed on! lol I added little colorful beads in the top string, 'cause it was fun.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marrakesh Red

Feral, Spicy and Seductive... Marrakesh Red. Go a little wild. Dance to the drumming of racing hearts.
Marrakesh Red ..a state of mind.

Marrakesh Red is available today at Gwen Carillon Designs on Elements in Design and on the Second Life Marketplace

Bikini top and bottom in all layers (including tattoo layer!)
Shell Choker
Shell Head Circlet
Shell Belt

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marrakesh Blue

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs and on Second Life Marketplace today!

Slip into the thinnest weave of cotton, batik...just enough to entice. Add a bit of  exotic shells around a slender throat. Stroll along the sand at the water's edge. The cool ocean breeze lifts silken tresses and sends chills across sun warmed skin.The woven fastenings ride lush, sun bronzed curves with each step.

Marrakesh Blue is a spicy and exotic state of mind. Go where it takes you. Succumb to the moment. ...I know what you did last summer....;)

I had so much fun making this kini!  I was listening to tribal music and practically dancing my way through the layers in Photoshop! I even made a surfboard for the shoot! *laughs*Marrakesh Blue Bikini includes ALL layers (including tattoo layers), and the Marrakesh Shell Choker. Soon to be released...Marrakesh Red!

Note: The hair pictured in poster is from "Sweet Hairs". 
**Soon to be released...Marrakesh Red!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Between Me and My Jeans

There are a gazillion pairs of jeans out there. Why would I design new jeans? Because I wanted everything that my imagination told me a pair of jeans could be: Individuality, flattering lines, sexy cut, edgy...and comfy.

So I took up the denim challenge. (And it was! *laughs*) Creating jeans is not for the faint hearted. You see, using templates is not for me. I create from scratch. Call it stubborn, photoshop pride. I would make jeans without anything but my photoshop application and my imagination. Even the writing on my jeans is in my own hand.

What I received for my efforts was the deep satisfaction of knowing I created what my imagination told me could be and a line of jeans any derrière can be proud of!

Many thanks to my friends who tried on countless versions!( Maia, Solange, Raven, Skills, Jewell)  In truth, there were 76 versions, before we could all agree to be happy with the results. Solange and Maia were merciless! Maia: "The shading isn't right on my butt"  Solange: "It's too blurry. Work on fabric. More detail" Skills: "These are still rough version, right? Looks good for a start...less contrast in shading" etc. *laughs*In fact my friend Minerva  suggested I call them "76 Jeans". I wanted to scream,I wanted to quit a dozen times, but I am so glad I didn't! I paired my new jeans with my new tank, my alchemy necklace, and a black crocheted vest with enamel buttons that I whipped up on a whim.

Introducing G Jeans. Lots of flavors....always edgy,

Pictured in Ultra Fade Photo : W&Y Hair, AOHARU Jacket, Coco Engineer Boots, GCD Alchemy Necklace and Patterns Bangle, GCD Wings Tat with Cheek Cleavage.