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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marrakesh Blue

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs and on Second Life Marketplace today!

Slip into the thinnest weave of cotton, batik...just enough to entice. Add a bit of  exotic shells around a slender throat. Stroll along the sand at the water's edge. The cool ocean breeze lifts silken tresses and sends chills across sun warmed skin.The woven fastenings ride lush, sun bronzed curves with each step.

Marrakesh Blue is a spicy and exotic state of mind. Go where it takes you. Succumb to the moment. ...I know what you did last summer....;)

I had so much fun making this kini!  I was listening to tribal music and practically dancing my way through the layers in Photoshop! I even made a surfboard for the shoot! *laughs*Marrakesh Blue Bikini includes ALL layers (including tattoo layers), and the Marrakesh Shell Choker. Soon to be released...Marrakesh Red!

Note: The hair pictured in poster is from "Sweet Hairs". 
**Soon to be released...Marrakesh Red!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Between Me and My Jeans

There are a gazillion pairs of jeans out there. Why would I design new jeans? Because I wanted everything that my imagination told me a pair of jeans could be: Individuality, flattering lines, sexy cut, edgy...and comfy.

So I took up the denim challenge. (And it was! *laughs*) Creating jeans is not for the faint hearted. You see, using templates is not for me. I create from scratch. Call it stubborn, photoshop pride. I would make jeans without anything but my photoshop application and my imagination. Even the writing on my jeans is in my own hand.

What I received for my efforts was the deep satisfaction of knowing I created what my imagination told me could be and a line of jeans any derrière can be proud of!

Many thanks to my friends who tried on countless versions!( Maia, Solange, Raven, Skills, Jewell)  In truth, there were 76 versions, before we could all agree to be happy with the results. Solange and Maia were merciless! Maia: "The shading isn't right on my butt"  Solange: "It's too blurry. Work on fabric. More detail" Skills: "These are still rough version, right? Looks good for a start...less contrast in shading" etc. *laughs*In fact my friend Minerva  suggested I call them "76 Jeans". I wanted to scream,I wanted to quit a dozen times, but I am so glad I didn't! I paired my new jeans with my new tank, my alchemy necklace, and a black crocheted vest with enamel buttons that I whipped up on a whim.

Introducing G Jeans. Lots of flavors....always edgy,

Pictured in Ultra Fade Photo : W&Y Hair, AOHARU Jacket, Coco Engineer Boots, GCD Alchemy Necklace and Patterns Bangle, GCD Wings Tat with Cheek Cleavage.