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Friday, August 24, 2007

EID Radio Hits the Net!

I am pleased to announce my latest project...EID Radio: The Voice of Elements in Design! Wooohoo! As a former DJ, this is a world of fun for me, cause this time around, I get to play what I want and not have to follow some program director's playlist rotation. It's a great way to connect with my guests on Elements in Design and poke fun at LL when the mood strikes me.

Right now, my On Air schedule is from 6pm to 9pm SLT. Soon though , we'll be streaming 24/7! (And we'd better cause I can't build and spin at the same time.) Please tune in and join me. I take requests but don't play them...just kidding. lol I may not have what you request but I'll do my best to get it. *smiles* Feel free to IM. My On Air status will always be posted in my picks under EID Radio. Just Click or copy the url you see below.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Breaking Free

"Gwen Carillon? She does that fantasy furniture...right?"

As a designer I feel it's really important not to box myself into doing just one thing. I love that people like my furniture! When I first entered Second Life, I had about 15 years of jewelry design experience in Real Life. I was tired of jewelry. When you are tired of something, and force yourself to create anyway, nothing really good manifests. So...I took up furniture design. (Yes, I see the connection there...don't you? Jewelry-furniture...ummm...) I felt renewed and ready to create good things. It was a vacation from what I was familiar with and I liked it. Months later, I felt refreshed enough to bring my jewelry designs into world. I found myself pidgeon holed into being a furniture designer. "Gwen makes cool furniture and art...Oh! I think she just started trying her hand at jewelry." Aaa! How ironic! *laughing* I'm still really glad that I took the break I needed from jewelry, though. I love what it did for my creativity.

I have always seen jewelry as wearable art. In Second Life I was not only able to recreate some of my RL work, I was able to experiment with particle scripts and animated textures in my jewelry. Why stop at silver and gold? Why not have a flame inside of a pendant? It was fun again and the ideas kept coming. My friends got used to my IM's saying "Hi:)I'm dropping a new set on you. Can you just try this on please and let me know what you think?" And truthfully, it's much easier than dropping a couch on someone and saying "Here. Sit on this for me." *laughing* I do have a confession to make though. I HATE preparing vendors for new sets. I have at least three sets ready for sale that I never prepped vendors for. In that respect I'm lazy! *sigh*

The important thing in design isn't *what* we create, as much as *that* we create. The process is as important to us as the finished work. For me it's like tasting light. The work fills me and I can't stop till it's complete.For designers and artists, it's that feeling the goes into a piece that makes it ours forever. doesn't matter if the piece sells as long as it's loved by its creator from conception through manifestation. It's ours. When I finish a piece that I'm happy with I get a sense of completeness and joy that rivals chocolate! That piece has bits of me in it. There's a feeling of accomplishment that is overwhelming. It's a high! When I get an idea for a piece, I have to start it right away. I want to drop everything to create it. ...And I often do, at the oddest moments! *laughing* The next thing I know, I'm in "the zone" and blind to everything but the work. An hour can feel like five minutes! This process of creation is a meditation that is so immersive, I can forget to eat.

The act of creation is the difference between a designer and a retailer. Anyone can learn retail marketing. Design is reaching into yourself without fear and using your imagination...your vision to express yourself in new ways. I know some would argue that point. They can get their own Blog. *laughing * My Blog-My Opinion. So There. :P