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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Licorice is a glossy,yummy,ssssslippery ssssslide of latex overalls, with an almost sheer bandeau top and silver clasp and shorty fingerless latex and fishnet gloves. So form fitting it looks poured on. ...And maybe it was. ;)

WARNING: Licorice is not for the meek. Don't ask where you should wear it....Just wear it and strut!. Fire Extinguisher not included.

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs on Elements in Design and on the Second Life Marketplace

Special thanks to Ravie for naming this one!

Pictured in Licorice Photo:
Hair : Lelutka "Jolie"
Boots: Bax Coen Designs "Black Leather Ankle Boot"
Hat : GCD Cowboy / girl Hat "Charcoal"
Tattoo: GCD Red red Divine, & Cheek Cleavage with Rose Tattoo

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bite Me!

No...I'm not trying to insult you. Bite Me! is a mini dress with attitude. This is not a dolly dress meant to smile and cute its way through a night. This dress struts. If you want bland...if you want cute...if you want safe...look elsewhere. Bite Me! is anything but safe....And when you wear it....nothing and no one in your path is safe either!

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs on Elements in Design and on the Second Life Marketplace.


Cat....A juicy, sleek addition to your wardrobe. Its liquid lines hug and enhance your curves in the most decadent ways. Yes,it's a Cat Suit...but it isn't just a cat       suit. It's a seduction, with you as its catalyst.

Pumpkin Ssssspicce

I decided to design lingerie that echoed how I felt about autumn. It had to include the warmth of a hearth-side on a brisk evening and the spice of a cup of slowly mulled wine....That delicious feeling as that warmth spreads to tingling nerve endings. And so I created Pumpkin Spice. Fall never tasted so good.

At GCD...we specialize in heavy breathing.

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs and on the Second Life Marketplace

Bra and Panties in All Layers 
Lace Stockings with Sculpted Bows 
Black Satin Panty Bows (they are modifiable...don't leave the bows buried in your hips, ladies!)
Soft Black Feather Boa 
Black Pearl Bra Accent