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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Learn to Travel Light

Baggage. We all have some. (You do too! You know you do, so fess up!) Some of us have more than others. Whether you are lugging around a tattered duffel, or you have accumulated enough of a past to lay claim to a steamer trunk, you don't have to own it forever! (I have an old and threadbare 5 piece set that I'm trying to toss.) You can get rid of your baggage! I am living proof. I used to have a 6 piece set and a footlocker. Here's to freedom!

How to abandon your old useless baggage:

Step 1 - Acknowledge the baggage as useless.

Step 2 - Be willing to walk away without your baggage.

Don't worry. Security will not stop you.

Step 3 - See Step 1 again. Remember: Pointing out

another person's baggage doesn't count. Nice try,


Step 4 - Don't try to leave all of your baggage at

once. A small carry-on bag is fine to start out with.

Leave the steamer trunk for a little later.

Step 5 - Don't try to get rid of your baggage by

ringing a friend's door bell, dumping it all on their

doorstep and running away. First of all, it's unfair

and obnoxious. Second, if you really like your friend

you won't leave an obstacle for them to trip over the

next time they venture out!

Step 6 - Remember that the idea behind clearing your

baggage cart is the idea of traveling light. Your

reward will be the feeling of freedom and

accomplishment. You will no longer have to carry that

weight around. Someone attached to a baggage cart, is

never fun at parties.  It's also a very bad idea to

bring your baggage into a relationship. Your new

favorite  person probably won't have the spare space

for all of your baggage. overnight bag is cool

but don't bring the footlocker with you!Bringing

baggage with you and asking your partner to help you

store it, is an imposition at the very least.It's

certainly a mood killer!

Step 7 - Open the first piece of baggage and look at

what you are hauling around. If you are dragging your

hated third grade teacher around with you to prove

that you won't succeed,you already know you don't want

her influence anymore. If you open that case and see

your ex and all of their baggage tucked in with

yours, you can take that to the nearest dumpster and

heave ho! (We call them ex.'s for a reason!) If you

are carrying around a joyless or harmful relationship

with someone, then ask yourself why.Seriously...why? Doesn't it make more sense to let go of the misery rather than cling to the baggage strap and drag that crap back onto the train? Duh?

Step 7 may be the most important step. In this step we

are facing our worst insecurities, our most horrible

fears and a deep well of failure and regret. It takes

a brave soul to open that case and look at the

darkness inside. You are that brave soul. You know

that its just useless baggage, with no power of its

own to stay with you. You have been the one clinging

to the handle. This is your life. You are the powerful

one. You can now be the one to recognize the things in

this case for what they are...and just...let go.

Step 8 - Swing your arm forward with all of your

strength, allowing momentum to help and let go of the


Step 9 - Watch that baggage soar into the nearest

trash can. (Yay! You did it! Woohoo!)

Step 10 - Take a deep breath, roll your neck and

shoulders to loosen up and flex those stiffened, tired

fingers. That felt great! That damn thing was getting

heavier every year!

Step 11 - Walk away...Really walk away. You won't

really miss it, you are just used to lugging that bag

with you everywhere you go. So...walk away and keep


Step 12 - Never-ever look back.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Personal Power

Accept your personal power. I am not speaking of power over others, because that is an empty definition. I am speaking of power over our own lives. How many times have we blamed outside influences as reasons for why our lives are unfulfilled or out of control? How many times have we given others the blame for and the keys to our lives?

Personal power is the feeling of control over your life and a pride in knowing that you can stand on your own decisions. It is recognizing that you have a voice in your life and can make valid contributions to your community. It is seeing that you have much to learn without invalidating the work you have put in thus far. After all, we are works in progress. It is recognizing that others may have opinions about your life, but it is you who choose to internalize those opinions or not. Ultimately we, as adults, are the ones who choose our destinies since we are the ones who must live with the consequences of our decisions. Power is not the freedom from responsibility. It is responsibility. No surprise that so many of us want to give it away!

Years ago, I gave away my personal power by believing that others knew more about what my life should be, than I did. I found myself apologizing for wanting to do certain things or feeling the need to justify my dreams with practical anchors. Okay, you might think that’s stupid. If you do then you’re right. It was. I had no one to blame but myself. I remember believing in myself as a child, but somewhere along that road I gave my power away. It took years of growth, hard lessons and good friends but I did take back my personal power. I will never give it away again.

There are so many ways in which we give that power away - through apathy or fear, in abusive relationships, through conformity, in exchange for approval and through not trusting ourselves as much as the person or established entity we define as “better”, “smarter” or “stronger”. We need to believe in our own worth. By comparing ourselves to others, we never see the whole screen shot. That is not to say that I shouldn’t ask for and take advice. It doesn’t mean that I see myself as ‘knowing it all”, it just means that I am the one who has the right to deem the advice valid as it pertains to myself. I have to feel right with it, because I have to live with it.

Personal power is not to be given away as if it were worthless. Nor is it to be flaunted or used to push others around. Those who paint an image of power, constantly asserting their worth, usually use that image as armor against hurt. (Think back to the class bully in grammar school.) Personal power is meant to strengthen us, so that we can meet our own challenges, make our own choices and set our own goals. When we feel strong within ourselves we no longer need to maintain the illusion of armor. There are those in this world with a sweet tooth for power. We run across these people in all parts of our daily lives. (We see it in government all the time!) They never see themselves as having enough of it and they covet (covet: a word of biblical proportion!) the power of others. The only way that they can gain power over your sense of self worth is if you allow them to have it. No one has the right to make you feel inferior, unless you give them the permission to do so. My mother always said that. Though it’s hardly original, that doesn't make it any less true. Follow your own path honorably. Look upon your choices pro-actively. Weigh advice fairly and along side your own instincts. Trust yourself and always be ready to learn from your own mistakes as well the mistakes of others. We are not perfect, so learning is always an option. And remember that there are always others who look to you for inspiration and strength…if you give it away, what are you saying to them?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It’s exciting times for Metaverse Arts!

The following post is a press release from  Metaverse Arts:

Following a pause over the winter holidays, Metaverse Arts, the show broadcast on Treet TV about art and artists in virtual worlds, is coming back with a new studio, a new format—and a new presenter, the popular artist, DJ and designer, Gwen Carillon!

Tricia Aferdita, our original presenter, continues to be involved with the show, but, as she explains, “After thinking long and hard about the number of projects I am involved in within Second Life, I realized that if I didn’t let something go, the quality of each one of them was going to suffer. I treasure the work I put into creating Metaverse Arts and am grateful for its surprising success and growing fan base.”
At the same time she has been working on Metaverse Arts, she has continued to manage an estate, run her own art gallery, write for Prim Perfect magazine, and still somehow fit in real life work, writing, and art! So when she needed to consider what aspect of her Second Life she needed to let go of, television production really has the least in common with her real life work and goals.

“It was not an easy decision to make,” Tricia says. “I love the concept of the program and seeing an episode all come together, but I feel that I cannot put the quality amount of time into it that it needs to continue to be a success.”

But she is delighted with the new plans. “I am thrilled that Gwen Carillon is going to step up to the project. I think that her personality is well suited to the style and vision that I had for the show. We chatted for quite a while about the programming and both have similar visions for what the show can accomplish and the kinds of subjects we’d like to see covered.”

And Tricia won’t be disappearing altogether! “I will continue to work with Gwen and the production staff as a consulting producer and perhaps occasionally guest host,” she explains. “I wish Gwen the best of success and hope that everyone will continue to remain a fan of the show and support its continued success. And special thanks to all the guests and fans of Metaverse Arts; you have made it a fun year and a half!”

Gwen is well known across the grid as founder of the Content Creators Association and the owner of the fabulous Elements in Design, with its amazing range of furniture, jewellery and art works. More recently, she has launched her own hugely successful clothing range, Gwen Carillon Designs. Gwen’s art has been featured in many Second Life venues and is currently on exhibit at the Aho Museum, which is part of the New Media Consortium.

When accepting the host position for Metaverse Arts, Gwen said, “Are you sure that you want me?” But it’s not hard to understand why we wanted her! Gwen feels strongly about promoting art and artists in the metaverse. “Art is a universal form of communication. It allows us to speak to one another in ways that go beyond conventional language. What better venue for artists, than the melting pot of the Metaverse? As artists, we are on the front line.”

Howdy Colter is continuing as cameraman and editor of the show, and Saffia Widdershins remains as Executive Producer, but joining the show is Angie Mornington as Director. Angie is, of course, well-known for her role as Host and Producer of Fabulous Fashion on Treet.TV, but since then she has become involved behind the scenes, among other things directing Happy Hunting! She also has her own furniture store, Angie’s Home Interiors.

“I am excited about directing Metaverse Arts,” Angie says. “It will give me a chance to learn about the art community in Second Life. Gwen will be fantastic as host and I think this show will be a great success.”

The new set was a collaboration between Angie and Gwen while the new theme music – called “Curtain Call” is by Torley Linden.

“I am very excited about the new direction,” says Saffia. “I’m very much looking forward to seeing where Gwen will be taking the show—and, of course, seeing and learning more about fabulous Second Life artists!”

The first show will be broadcast early in February when the guest will be Glyph Graves—but you’ll have to watch the show to find out what the featured gallery will be!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Viva La Revolution!

Revolution! It's a black latex formal...It's a cat suit...It's a mini...It's here! Who says formal can't be latex? For all of you daring souls, I've created a Revolution in formal wear. Its sleek, shiny lines and peek-a -boo cut outs pour over your curves and then surround you in flowing, living silk. It's edgy. It's soft. Sexy doesn't even begin to cover it. (Well- um- cover might be the wrong word. *grins*) This dress is over the top daring!

If that isn't enough, the gown has 3 skirt options (Full,Bottom & Both), the gown base is a cat suit and there's a separate micro-mini dress,gloves and a bodice ring. I've included two versions of the full skirt; One for petite ladies and one for the statuesque.

Available at GCD's  main store and on the marketplace

Pair it like I did, with my newest Nova Earrings.
See the style card in the dress package for more ideas.

Gwen Carillon Designs....we don't follow trends, we set them.

Viva La Revolution!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Aria....The Collection

Introducing Aria. A richly appointed graceful collection with hand painted textures in deep luscious colors to add sparkle and elegance to your holiday plans. Whether you are attending a gallery event, a holiday gala, a club or spending a quiet evening with Mr. Hot...GCD has you covered. (Or uncovered...depending on what you choose! lol)...Wouldn't it be lovely to dance the evening away a midst alluring ambiance, a soft rustle of tulle and a secret... knowing that you are wearing sultry lingerie for later?

And the jewelry....? The Aria Necklace and Earrings ....golden leaves and shimmering copper blossoms strung with painted cloisonne. The perfect adornment.

This collection features:

Brocade Bustier
Lace and Brocade Panties & Satin Garters
Black Silk Stockings with Floral Accents
Brocade Mini Dress
Mid Length Black Tulle and Brocade Dress
Full Length Black Tulle and Brocade Gown
Satin Gloves with Sculpted Cuffs
Exclusive Aria Necklace and Earrings

GCD - For the's all in the details.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Licorice is a glossy,yummy,ssssslippery ssssslide of latex overalls, with an almost sheer bandeau top and silver clasp and shorty fingerless latex and fishnet gloves. So form fitting it looks poured on. ...And maybe it was. ;)

WARNING: Licorice is not for the meek. Don't ask where you should wear it....Just wear it and strut!. Fire Extinguisher not included.

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs on Elements in Design and on the Second Life Marketplace

Special thanks to Ravie for naming this one!

Pictured in Licorice Photo:
Hair : Lelutka "Jolie"
Boots: Bax Coen Designs "Black Leather Ankle Boot"
Hat : GCD Cowboy / girl Hat "Charcoal"
Tattoo: GCD Red red Divine, & Cheek Cleavage with Rose Tattoo

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bite Me!

No...I'm not trying to insult you. Bite Me! is a mini dress with attitude. This is not a dolly dress meant to smile and cute its way through a night. This dress struts. If you want bland...if you want cute...if you want safe...look elsewhere. Bite Me! is anything but safe....And when you wear it....nothing and no one in your path is safe either!

Available at Gwen Carillon Designs on Elements in Design and on the Second Life Marketplace.