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Friday, December 2, 2011

Aria....The Collection

Introducing Aria. A richly appointed graceful collection with hand painted textures in deep luscious colors to add sparkle and elegance to your holiday plans. Whether you are attending a gallery event, a holiday gala, a club or spending a quiet evening with Mr. Hot...GCD has you covered. (Or uncovered...depending on what you choose! lol)...Wouldn't it be lovely to dance the evening away a midst alluring ambiance, a soft rustle of tulle and a secret... knowing that you are wearing sultry lingerie for later?

And the jewelry....? The Aria Necklace and Earrings ....golden leaves and shimmering copper blossoms strung with painted cloisonne. The perfect adornment.

This collection features:

Brocade Bustier
Lace and Brocade Panties & Satin Garters
Black Silk Stockings with Floral Accents
Brocade Mini Dress
Mid Length Black Tulle and Brocade Dress
Full Length Black Tulle and Brocade Gown
Satin Gloves with Sculpted Cuffs
Exclusive Aria Necklace and Earrings

GCD - For the's all in the details.

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