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Monday, January 16, 2012

Viva La Revolution!

Revolution! It's a black latex formal...It's a cat suit...It's a mini...It's here! Who says formal can't be latex? For all of you daring souls, I've created a Revolution in formal wear. Its sleek, shiny lines and peek-a -boo cut outs pour over your curves and then surround you in flowing, living silk. It's edgy. It's soft. Sexy doesn't even begin to cover it. (Well- um- cover might be the wrong word. *grins*) This dress is over the top daring!

If that isn't enough, the gown has 3 skirt options (Full,Bottom & Both), the gown base is a cat suit and there's a separate micro-mini dress,gloves and a bodice ring. I've included two versions of the full skirt; One for petite ladies and one for the statuesque.

Available at GCD's  main store and on the marketplace

Pair it like I did, with my newest Nova Earrings.
See the style card in the dress package for more ideas.

Gwen Carillon Designs....we don't follow trends, we set them.

Viva La Revolution!

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