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Friday, August 24, 2007

EID Radio Hits the Net!

I am pleased to announce my latest project...EID Radio: The Voice of Elements in Design! Wooohoo! As a former DJ, this is a world of fun for me, cause this time around, I get to play what I want and not have to follow some program director's playlist rotation. It's a great way to connect with my guests on Elements in Design and poke fun at LL when the mood strikes me.

Right now, my On Air schedule is from 6pm to 9pm SLT. Soon though , we'll be streaming 24/7! (And we'd better cause I can't build and spin at the same time.) Please tune in and join me. I take requests but don't play them...just kidding. lol I may not have what you request but I'll do my best to get it. *smiles* Feel free to IM. My On Air status will always be posted in my picks under EID Radio. Just Click or copy the url you see below.

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