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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fire Dance - Danze del Fuego

There are times in our lives that are cross points. We make a choice to either play it safe or take the ultimate risk of crash and burn. But when we want something enough, we may choose to risk failure, rejection and even pain to gain it. That's when we find ourselves dancing in the flames. It's not a fire walk....that's for wimps! No. It's a fire dance. The goal is not merely to survive, but to summon all of our courage and despite fear, risk all for love. Love can be the ultimate motivation for growth, if we allow it. So many times we have stopped ourselves from enjoying love because the risk of hurt was too great. We don't want to feel vulnerable. Excessive pride is fear's shield, preventing love and growth. I asked myself "Isn't love worth any risk?" The answer was plain. Yes. Staying safe gained me nothing. Love is always worth the risk, so I chose to dance in the flames. Once I made the decision to conquer fear of hurt and rejection and openly express my feelings, an amazing thing happened. I didn't feel weaker, I felt stronger...empowered! I realized that fear of hurt and failure can stop us from experiencing so many good things in life. Just the act of making that choice was empowering. Yes...I may crash and burn. I left myself with no out and no shield of pride to hide behind. But, I cannot let that stop me from doing all I can to experience love. So I acknowledged my fears and with a last look at the safety zone, tossed myself into the flames with three words on my lips. "I love you."

Allowing myself to be vulnerable has strengthened me in a very integral way. I chose love over fear. Whatever the outcome of this ultimate risk of self, I will not regret my choice to dance in the flames.