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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Souls' Dance

Connected beyond skin, we touch. Souls woven together in a timeless dance, we meet and become one.

For T always...
and dedicated with love to Jordan & Via ...two who are one.

Sometimes miracles happen and we get to see a story unfold in the most astonishing way. This was the case with Souls' Dance. It is the aftermath of magic.

This story continues...

To begin at the beginning, I was in turmoil regarding current events in my love life, (See Previous post "Fire Dance") when I received an instant message from my old friend, Jordan, in Second Life. He apologized for being out of touch, but circumstances had kept him off line. We spoke frequently over the next three days. He had been upset over his home situation. Then came the message from Jordan that the love of his life, his wife Via was leaving. She needed space to figure things out. That day, with shaking hands he signed the separation papers. He loved her enough to want her to be happy, so resigned himself to letting her go. At this point , Jordan and I were both hanging on to our respective sanity by a thread. I was waiting to see if I still had a relationship with T. Jordan was going through legal separation. I had wished there was something I could say to help him, but no words would make any difference to someone who was losing the one person they love above all others. In an effort to clear my head, I decided I needed new shoes. (Hey! I'm female ..ok? I shop. Therefore, I am) After teleporting into a couple of stores with disappointing results, I deciding to go back to my tried and true favorite shoe store , Minx. This is where it gets interesting , so stick with me ....

I teleported into Minx and landed on...Jordan's wife, Via. Yes. Out of the 35,000 people logged into Second Life, I landed on Via. We'd never met. She recognized my name as one that Jordan had mentioned and introduced herself to me. As we chatted she mentioned their immanent separation. (Still we cammed and shopped...We are female after all.) Via mentioned the sculptures that I'd recently done, that are on their Second Life estate. Universe of Two and Fire Dance - Danze del Fuego are two of Jordan's favorites. Via told me that she connected with Universe of Two, because it reminded her of when she met Jordan. She said that time stood still and all she could see were his eyes...his face. Interestingly enough , Jordan had expressed the same thought to me in almost exactly the same words, when he first viewed Universe of Two, and I told her as much. Shocked by this, she told me she thought he'd forgotten. I told Via that Jordan said he could never forget the way time stopped and their eyes met across the room. Via told me at this point through tears, that she was incomplete without him, but she needed space. She wished that she could erase the past year and start fresh, but he was so distant. I told her how much Jordan loved her and suggested that she talk to him. Really talk....openly and without reservation, pride or walls. I explained what I'd recently gone through, and how I risked being completely vulnerable to hurt in order to reach out in my own relationship. We talked about dancing in the flames. Wasn't true love worth the risk?

That night Jordan and Via talked and reconnected. Jordan told me he stayed up much of the night watching Via as she slept. When he finally slept, Jordan dreamed of dancing with Via in a lovely garden. He said they had no corporeal forms. They were pure essence weaving in, out and through one another as if they were one. Jordan stopped at that point and said" It's hard to describe". I reassured him that I understood. I remembered all the times I felt that way with T. The intimacy of that soul deep connection is the most beautiful experience I've ever had. So , without thinking I told Jordan, "It's like a Souls' Dance". There was an Oh My God moment in IM, when I realized that I had just named my next sculpture. I could see the weave of prims and colors forming in my head. I couldn't wait to get to work on it.

So I ask you...Was I really shopping for shoes? (Laughing) We are all so connected to each other, that great need can produce miracles. I know the four of us experienced a miracle this past week. Jordan and Via are back together and working things out. The separation papers were ripped up and in the trash. True love won the day. As for my own Fire Dance...? Well, I didn't crash and burn. In fact, I found a wellspring of strength I never knew existed. I was able to share this with T and it went a long way toward healing our relationship. Magic exists, fed by love and connecting us all, to create miracles.

I have since completed Souls' Dance and dedicated it to T, Jordan and Via. The story will unfold further and time will add detail and flavor to this dance. We will undoubtedly get back to our lives, but for the briefest of times, we were each part of the miracle. We will never forget.

I pass that magic on to you. Continue the story for me. : )