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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hi, my name is Gwen Carillon and I'm happy. *ducks and hides*

It's ok to be happy. It really is. No angry god will smote you from above, because you feel especially good. The universe will not target you for having too much fun. There is no reason for guilt. That's the main thrust of this post. It isn't wrong to be happy....damn it!

We feel safe when we are miserable. Don't we? After all, we can't be pointed at and punished for being sad.  Happy, on the other hand, is not so acceptable. People don't know what to do with "happy". There's no consolation. They may even be reminded that they aren't feeling great at that moment. (Leave her alone...the poor thing had a bad day. Oh....She's happy? Well then, have at it!) We can actually feel guilty for feeling really good. It's as if we're convinced that we don't deserve happiness. We may even fear things going terribly wrong if our lives are too good. (Jinx!) Of course we deserve to be happy! This guilt thing we all snack on and feed to others, is just plain stupid! What's the bottom line? Things play out in our lives. Sometimes it works out really well and sometimes things get majorly borked. All the more reason to appreciate and enjoy happiness when we feel it. Revel in life's joys and the happiness of others. Waste not, want not.

Just some thoughts to crunch on. ;)

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