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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Faith, Hope... or Idiocy?

Dreamers - Gwen Carillon
Being in love with another person  seems to be an act of faith that borders on arrogance.What right do we have to have faith that another person will return our love. What sense is there in hoping for something that may or may not happen, regardless of whether or not we deserve it and regardless of whether or not it makes sense. When is hope empty? When is it just a silly dream that deludes rather than strengthens? When is it destructive? I have no answers. I can barely verbalize the questions. Is love a singularity meant to keep its own counsel and its own rules? Are there rules in love and in the loving  of another person? If there are, why don't we know them? What if we don't hope? What if we shelve hope and faith as impractical and embrace what we see as reason instead? What then? Does that make us healthier for our stoicism? Does some nameless God of love pat us on our backs for showing good sense? Ultimately, we reward and punish ourselves. We stand, sit and dream on our own opinions of the traits ...the principles we think we should embody. We can love, as long as we don't assume others feel as we do. So...has love been a solo act all along? I'm not saying it is. I'm merely asking the question. I don't expect an answer...Sometimes the asking is enough.

...And no. Just in case anyone thinks this is specific to a isn't. It's about me's MY  blog! Words, like images and sculpture,  are art.  They don't need a reason.. They simply are.*Laughs*

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  1. Gwen, I love your "Souls' Dance" sculpture. Saw it at Bits 'n Bobs in SL and just had to rush off to your store to acquire it for my art gallery. If you wish you can see it on the new 4th floor of the gallery at (You have so many nice works, but beyond the means of a public gallery operator working on his own with no budget.)
    --Stone Semyorka