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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Imagination Exploration

Second Life is an opportunity to explore the uncharted lands of our imaginations. If we just stick to the roads we know and never venture off the green, we will never know what is possible. That more than anything else would be a crime. Artists speak through imagination.

There is no right or wrong in the expression of what we find within our imaginations. We choose the vehicle of communication, be it performance, writing, film, sculpture, photography or design using prims. All are forms of communication through art. Art is less about forcing others to see a path and more about presenting possibilities. Art affects us. It has an impact on how we feel when we experience it. That experience can be pleasant or disturbing depending on the art and how we relate to it.

The most important things we can put into our work are passion and honesty. When I build, I don't think to myself "Will this sell?" I just build it for the sheer fun of doing so. I love the feeling of seeing something I imagined or dreamed become a *reality*. It's a rush! Then, sharing it becomes the next rush. *smiles*

There are a lot of wonderful designers in Second Life. I enjoy seeing and purchasing their work. As much as I respect and admire them though, I don't want to be them. I would much rather create things my own way. There can be no fulfillment or satisfaction in duplication of another artist's work or style. It's empty...the work is empty. It's not fun. We create from within. Among the designers I love, first and foremost would be my friend Julia Hathor. Her creativity sings in everything she creates. Her builds are as magical as she is.

So...let's walk the side paths of our imaginations and see what we discover about our art and about ourselves. Drop a prim and see what happens...teleport to a texture shop and get inspired!We never know where those paths will lead unless we walk them. ;)