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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thank you, Elements Family!

Many Second Life content creators and designers have "new release groups" to keep customers updated on new designs. I'm lucky...I have a family! You have helped me build Elements from the start! You've even chased away griefers, redesigned my floors (lol Selena) and helped out in the main store when I was away! We've danced in our pajamas (even Julia ;) at our PJ parties and danced in our spiffy stuff under the stars, at the openings of the new Elements in Design Island and Dreamscapes Gallery. This is not just a new release group. This is a family in every sense of the word, so this first post of my new Blog is for you! Thank you for stopping in to say hi, even if you aren't shopping. Thank you for bugging me to relax and play. Thank you for always encouraging me with your kind words and most importantly...thank you for your friendship.*smiles* The Family Wall at the main store says it all. You guys rock!

Hugs with Love:))