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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Language of Art

Art isn't something reserved for the deserving few. Art is a universal form of communication. It allows us to speak with one another in ways that go beyond conventional language. Art speaks to our emotional core. Image replaces syntax, stirring our emotions with color and shape, harmony and dissonance, poetry and prose. This language of art reaches across disciplines. It bridges societal differences and schools of thought. Art is the common language of the mythical Tower of Babel, encouraging us to collaborate and explore and accept new ideas.

Although we may love and appreciate art, we have not all experienced the creating of art first hand, since arts and crafts in grammar school. We don't finger paint any more. We have put the crayolas away and channeled our creative sides into more practical outlets that seem more acceptable and less frivolous to us. Many of us learn early in life that art is not a necessity but a luxury... something we can play with but must put away when life gets serious. But Art is not a luxury. It is a necessary expression of the human spirit. Art connects us on the soul level.
But let's not over-analyze art. That would take the fun out of it...kind of like trying to read the tea leaves rather than enjoying the tea. Instead let's enjoy it, immerse ourselves in it and let it take us to new places in our minds.

What if you could create anything you wanted, shape your environment at will, be your dream self ...even fly? Oh can! It's called Second Life. The limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves and our own creativity. Why would we do that? (laughs)Second Life is full of possibilities. All we need to do is open ourselves to those possibilities and explore! We don't need to limit ourselves to our "real life" existence, but instead take the brakes off of our imaginations and soar. We don't have to choose between Second Life and First Life. Second Life is not meant to replace “real life." It isn't an imitation of “real life.” Second Life stands alone on its own merit as a separate dimension, rich in dreams and beauty. It is a vehicle for exploring our creative sides. Creativity has no bounds and accepts no limitations. When I first got into world in May of 2006, I was amazed at the color and texture around me. Sure, I walked into walls for a while, in my default skin and hair, and wore boxes on my head at the shoe store. Newbie concerns aside, I fell in love with the freedom of imagination! I hope you will too.

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