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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Road

Stepping out into the light of day, I squint my eyes against the unfamiliar brightness. So...this is the road , huh? Hhhmmm....seems pretty long. But, as I look back from where I stand and see where I've been, I realize how far I've walked since we last spoke. I'm a bit tired and foot sore. You too? I guess that's to be expected. We cannot walk this road without a few blisters. (laughs) Blisters heal. We may limp occasionally but we keep walking.

I have always thanked the friends I have in my life for kicking, tugging and pulling me along. I don't think I have ever stopped to thank the folks that encouraged the blisters. I know this may sound strange , but as I stand here now on this part of the road, I can honestly say I would not have gotten here without the lessons. I am not saying I welcome these folks into my life. Far from it! I am, however, grateful for what they have taught me. I have learned what I want in my life and what I don't. I have learned that love is a gift, not a purchase earned in points with correct behavior. Yes, it's really important to accept the person you love as they are. Not one of us is perfect. That does not mean that we must accept the hurt someone deals us. I'm really not great at dancing on the sharp point of a pin.
It really does come down to respect and sensitivity. In a relationship consisting of two people, both need to be sensitive to the other's needs . One sided relationships tend to tip over. (nice visual , huh?) We cannot expect our needs to be acknowledged without expressing them to our partner. That is an unrealistic expectation and very silly! Conversely, if we have a need that is important and we express that need to a partner, we give them the opportunity to participate in the relationship. If they ridicule us for having the nerve to ask...? Well, that speaks volumes! That is where I was. I voted with my feet and continued down the road. Funny thing is, I don't think I'm limping anymore.

I am not a beggar at Love's door, ready to accept scraps rather than leave empty handed. I am here to feast and nothing less will do.

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